Lime Essential Oils

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This stimulating and refreshing oil is perfect for those tired days when you are lacking energy or you just are not feeling like your best self.  Lime oil promotes emotional balance and well-being and has powerful antioxidants that support healthy immune function.  It also improves memory and concentration.






Therapeutic Properties:

-Digestive problems

-Respiratory problems

-Immune function

-Lymphatic system

-Liver and gallbladder meridians

-Solar plexus chakra


Specific ways to use the Lime oil:

– Place a few drops of oil on a cotton ball or rag to remove sticker residue or grease spots

– Place a few drops in diffuser to uplift your mood and decrease anxiety.

Size: ⅝” wide by 1.2” tall (with cap). Holds ⅝ dram of oil. Holds 50-60 drops of oil. (1/12th ounce, 2ml)