Essential Oil Roller Energy Boost


Now you can enjoy the aromatic and medicinal benefits of essential oils and herbs in this all in one convenient sized roller bottle. It’s easy to dispense and no more guessing games on how to use your oils. Simply roll the oil onto your pulse points, back of neck, feet or area of discomfort and let the oils do their work. It’s that simple. The essential oil rollers were formulated by an herbalist. They contain mullein infused olive oil and 100% therapeutic essential oils deigned to help aid and be a tool for your healing and helping you get back to your best you. Why Mullein? Mullein is a powerful herb used topically to aid in pulling out impurities. Mullein is typically used to address issues such as upper respiratory tract infections, coughs, bronchitis and asthma. It has a powerful drawing action to help aid in healing. This as a base blended with the healing powers of essential oils and is an absolute must for everyone’s medicine cabinet.

Size: 3.25” tall with lid x .75” wide. Holds 1/2 oz. of oil (15ml)