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Silver Wave Aromatherapy Diffuser Earrings


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Silver Wave Aromatherapy Diffuser Earrings

These graceful silver wave locket aromatherapy diffuser earrings allow you to reap the benefits of your favorite scents by adding your essential oil to the included aroma-balls. Mix and match every outfit with the 12 included aroma-balls and enjoy your favorite scent on your essential oil necklace all day long.


  • Two Silver Wave Aromatherapy Diffuser Earrings: .6″ diameter
  • Materials:

  • Earrings: Silver plated copper
  • Aroma-Balls: Polypropylene
  • How to Use:
    Open the locket on the side. Apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil to one of the included aroma-balls; wait for the oil to absorb into the ball, place back in the locket and enjoy the benefits of your chosen essential oil.

    To preserve the life of the earrings, removed aroma-balls when not in use. Aroma-balls are reusable.