Palm Tree Terracotta Essential Oil Car Diffuser


Palm Tree Terracotta Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Replace those chemical filled car air fresheners and keep summertime with you wherever you go with this beachy Palm Tree terracotta essential oil car diffuser. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the terracotta diffuser and clip to your car’s air vent. The cool or warm air from your vent will diffuse the scent throughout your car. Not only will your car smell wonderful but essential oils have the ability to change your mood and emotions just by smelling them. Days when you are stressed or have anxiety there is an oil to help with that through aromatherapy. Days where you are low on energy and need a little boost, there is an essential oil for that as well. Enjoy your car ride with this Palm Tree essential oil car diffuser!

Made in the USA


  • Terracotta clay
  • Tan and brown beads
  • Metal Clip

2″ wide by 2.20″ tall. 4.16″ hanging from metal clip.

How to use:
Put several drops of your choice of essential oil on the white terracotta (clay) part of the diffuser. Do not apply the essential oil on any part that has color as it will roll off. Apply essential oils to the clay part that is on the back as this is porous and will allow the essential oil to absorb into the piece. When scent starts to fade, simply apply a few more drops of essential oil and enjoy the benefits of that oil throughout your car ride.