How to Use Your Essential Oils

Essential oils are very powerful and absorb effectively into the body through the skin or through inhalation.  The effect can be increased by the use of a good carrier oil such as grapeseed, almond or olive oil.  The carrier oil allows you to use less of the essential oil with the same or even increased therapeutic effects.

Methods of Use:

Direct Application: mix approximately 1 tsp of carrier oil into palm of hand with 1-5 drops of essential oil and apply directly to the skin. Feet: placing oils on feet is a fast and safe way to absorb them into the body. Diffuser: diffusing oils into the air or in our stylish aromatherapy jewelry is another beneficial way to use your essential oils.  

Lavender Essential Oil:

Lavender is a universal essential oil that has been shown to balance the body and work wherever there is a need.  Just one smell of your lavender can promote feelings of relaxation, joy and love.
  • Apply to the bottom of feet or on a pillow before sleeping
  • Use to calm reaction to a bee sting or bug bite
  • Use with bath salts for a relaxing spa bathing experience or just put a couple drops in your bath water without bath salts
  • Apply to wrists or inhale when traveling to ease motion upset
  • Lightly apply to soothe sunburned or scaled skin
  • Apply to back, hands, or feet of a restless or agitated child
  • Use to calm and soothe diaper rash
  • Calm sensitive skin and soothe pores after hair removal
  • Apply to dry, chapped lips before applying lip balm
  • Use with peppermint for a healthy scalp massage
  • Add to lotion for a stress-relieving hand massage

Peppermint Essential Oil:

Peppermint is like a rush of fresh energy into the system.  It allows us to relax instead of letting anxiety build up in our body and mind.  It is very strengthening to the digestive system and works great in stimulating a feeling of fullness to help curb food cravings just by smelling it.
  • Rub on stomach or feet, or take one drop internally to calm indigestion or upset stomach
  • Use with lemon in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse
  • Diffuse aromatically or apply topically to open sinuses and airways
  • Apply with lavender to sore tired muscles and joints
  • Breathe during a meal to help you feel full
  • Add to a cold water compress or foot bath to cool off when overheated
  • Inhale as a non-stimulant, invigorating pick-me-up on long drives
  • Add to shampoo and conditioner for a stimulating hair and scalp massage
  • Use with lavender and lemon during allergy season
  • Spread on child’s shirt before study time for alertness
  • Massage a small amount on temples, forehead or back of neck to help relieve headaches.
  • Put a tiny dot on your pinky finger and lightly apply inside your nostrils if you are stuffed up and having a hard time breathing. Don’t put too much as this could burn.

Lemon Essential Oil:

Lemon is a perfect essential oil to reach for when feeling ill, improving your attention span and problem solving.  Lemon essential oil can kill bacteria in 15 minutes.  It also promotes clarity of thought, improves mental accuracy and concentration.
  • Add a drop to a water bottle or to water served at a restaurant
  • Diffuse aromatically or apply topically for mood elevation
  • Add to drop of honey to soothe a cough or sore throat
  • Dilute with coconut oil for a daily fingernail conditioning massage
  • Apply directly to cold sores for soothing relief
  • Add a drop of lemon and peppermint to your toothbrush after use
  • Diffuse in a room to neutralize odors
  • Remove gum, label adhesives, and greasy substances from fabric
  • Use to clean kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances
  • Add to olive oil for a non-toxic furniture polish

Lime Essential Oil:

This stimulating and refreshing essential oil is perfect for those tired days when you are lacking energy or you just are not feeling like your best self.  If you need a pick me up to help your mind and body, this essential oil is for you.
  • Add a drop to a water bottle or to water served at a restaurant
  • Citrus oils have uplifting qualities and diffusing lime can be beneficial for high-stress situations at work or home and help with anxiety.
  • Lime has antiviral properties that can help fight colds. You can add lime to your essential oil jewelry, diffuse it in your diffuser or massage it on the body with a carrier oil
  • Lime essential oil is great to help focus and is uplifting. This is a perfect oil for kids who are in school and need help focusing.  Add a few drops to one of our essential oil diffuser wristbands and inhale throughout the day for a quick pick me up.  Will help at work or while studying.
  • Lime essential oil has antibacterial properties that can help fight infection and for fevers. This essential oil can be used topical to cool the body with its refreshing qualities.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil:

The scent of sweet orange has been said to bring peace and happiness to the mind, body and spirit.  This delightful scent of the best smelling orange you will ever smell can help boost energy and mood throughout the day
  • Overcome sadness
  • Creating optimism
  • Relaxing the mind
  • Great scent

Uplift Essential Oil:

The blend of sweet orange and lime essential oils have a highly stimulating effect that helps to bring peace and happiness to the mind and body and joy to the heart.  What a great was to begin or end each day
  • Increases energy
  • Brightens outlook
  • Creates optimism
  • Overcomes anxiety
  • Helps depression

Breathe Eze Essential Oil:

Breathe Eze is a blend of eucalyptus and peppermint.  This unique blend helps to open bronchial and sinus passages while providing a calming and centering effect to the body.  A perfect choice for any sickness as it loosens tightness in the chest and aids in better breathing.
  • Respiratory system
  • Antiviral
  • Decongestant
  • Calming

Tea Tree Essential Oil:

Tee Tree essential oil is a very strong oil and very effective in killing airborne bacteria.  It is great for treating wounds, cuts, insect bites, stings, rashes, nail infections, cold sores and many more.  Should be diluted with a good carrier oil
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antiviral
  • Immune stimulant


None of these health benefits, nor the ideas below, have been evaluated or approved by the FDA, should be used in place of personal judgment or medical treatment when needed, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. (Only your doctor can diagnose and treat disease. Only your body can prevent or cure it