Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Aromatherapy Jewelry:
Question: Do you have wholesale options if I would like to sell your aromatherapy jewelry to my own customers?

Answer: Absolutely! We love our business partners and would love to work with you. Click on the “wholesale options” “becoming a partner” tab on the bottom of the website and dill out the brief form. We will contact you from there!

Question: How do I open my teardrop aromatherapy locket necklace and how does it work?

Answer: Take the locket off the Sterling silver snake chain and open the locket from the top. Pick two colors of your choice of the included aroma-balls and place a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to just one of the aroma-balls and add both to the locket. Close your locket and slide back on the chain and enjoy all the healing benefits that aromatherapy has to offer!

Question: Are the aroma-balls reusable?

Answer: the aroma-balls are in fact reusable and can each be used several times. You can use the aroma-ball until it stops smelling good or looks like it’s warn out. You have a multi pack which should last you quite awhile, but we do offer refill packs on our website if you would like to stock back up. I place a couple drops of oil on just one of my aroma-balls and place the one more in the locket for added color.

Question: What’s the best way to preserve the life of my locket?

Answer: Remove aroma-balls from your locket when not in use. Some citrus oils are very strong and powerful and when left in the locket for long periods of time can cause yellowing on the inside of the locket. Removing the aroma-balls with oils on them at night or when not in use will preserve your locket. You can also get a polishing cloth to wipe out any oils that have been transferred to the locket.

Question: How long do the oils last in the locket?

Answer: It depends on how strong the oil is. Some oils like peppermint or some citrus oils could last a week, but other more mild oils like lavender might last a day or two. When the scent starts to fade and you want more, simply add another drop or two to the aroma-ball and you are good to go. If you want to re-use the aroma-ball with another scent, just leave the aroma-ball out for a few days until the scent has faded or disappeared. You can also overlap different scents and don’t have to wait until scent is completely gone before adding another oil. It’s all your preference!

  Frequently Asked Questions about Essential Oils:   Question: Can I digest essential oils?

Answer: Essential oils are very concentrated and are not meant to be digested. Do not underestimate the power of using these oils topically, your skin has a natural barrier to protect against the amount that is taken into your body.

Question: Can I use my oils without diluting them? Answer: Question: Where is the best place to apply the oils?

Answer: It depends on the oil and what the need is for. You can’t go wrong with the bottoms of your feet. You could also put oils behind your ears, neck, abdomen, temples, upper back or over vital organs.

Question: Are essential oils safe to use on babies or children? Answer: Essential oils are very powerful and therefore we would recommend diluting any oils you use on your children with a carrier oil. Carrier oils you could use are: Grape seed oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil or another high quality oil of your choice. The safest place for oils on children would be the bottoms of their feet. The feet are not as prone to skin irritation and it still enters the bloodstream quickly.

Question: Are essential oils safe to use when pregnant?

Answer: You definitely want to be cautious when using oils during pregnancy. You should be extra careful during the first trimester and use extra caution at this time. It is safest to dilute the oil and place on the bottoms of your feet or you could apply directly to the problem area. It is also safe and beneficial to diffuse the oil in a diffuser or aromatherapy jewelry. The following oils should be avoided during pregnancy:  Basil  Cassia  Cinnamon bark  Clary Sage  Lemongrass  Rosemary  Thyme  Vetiver  Wintergreen  White Fir

Question: Do oils need to be used with a carrier oil or can they be applied directly to the skin?

Answer: We highly suggest diluting your essentials oils before use. Not only does it protect your skin from the high concentrated oil, it also makes your oil go further, therefore using less oil. For extra sensitive skin we recommend using aromatherapy jewelry which can be purchased on our website.

Question: How does essential oils benefit me?

Answer: Please see how Aromatherapy works HERE.