Favorite Quotes

Favorite Quotes

– What the mind can conceive it can achieve

– A dream is just a dream until you write it down and then it becomes a goal

– Dream big and never stop short from reaching the top

– Focus on your people more than your profits

– No man achieves great success without having to make personal sacrifice

-There is more gold in the minds of man than could ever be mined from the earth

-Successful people were rarely selfish people

-The most successful people are the most accessible people.  The most successful people want to teach others how to be successful

– Set the highest standards

– You never feel or remember the blows you only feel the victory

– The man who already knows what he wants in life has already gone a long way to attaining it

– Prove yourself right

– The margin between success and failure is a very thin line

– Success is the reward for setbacks.  The more no’s you get the more fulfilling and ready you will be for the yeses

– If you feel like quitting surround yourself with others that won’t let you quit

– Energy feeds off itself so spend your time with the right people

– Success comes from going failure to failure without losing enthusiasm

– Every wealth creator is crystal clear about two things, a vision and a mission

-There are no failures just learning experiences

– Act in spite of fear

– Run from people with negative attitudes

– Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you

– There are no limitations to the mind except for those we acknowledge

– Fill your mind with books of inspiration, work hard, work smart and at the end of the day become a job maker and not a job taker.  Make your own opportunities

– Don’t expect trouble as they have a tendency not to disappoint

– Your first five minutes dictate your day

– Never let other people stand in your way.  Turn adversity into advantage. Turn their doubt into your catalyst

– Life is like running in quicksand you need to constantly be moving or you will sink. Always be ready to change your direction at a moment’s notice and never get into the fear of what might happen. You just have to keep on moving

– To gain more from life you must do more

– Success is about having a vision, moving toward it and never giving up when you know you are on your life’s path. Some people get a cheering section and other people get the opposite, it’s up to you to decide which is worth listening to

– When you call upon your subconscious mind you must act as if you already have that thing

– Once you find your destiny you do not stop and never give up and never lose focus

– Your mind will never come up with something that you cannot accomplish

– A dream is a reality waiting for you to get there

– Will power and desire combined at the perfect time make a perfect pair

– Faith is everything, that amount of faith or lack thereof dictates the difference between success or failure.  Once you tap into faith you have the ability to make all things possible.  Nothing will happen in your life that you don’t inspire by your own initiative

– Have a crystal clear picture of what you desire, know in your heart and soul that what you are doing has purpose

– Sometimes the worst situations turn into the best opportunities

– All I want in my life is to give my life my all

– Don’t deny your children the very thing that made you successful. Let them struggle and work for the things they want

Quotes from the Book Aspire

– Our deepest fear isn’t that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  In our quietest moments as we move past that fear we can embrace the greatness that lies within

– Hidden down in every man/woman is the divine.  That God like quality is hidden down deep within ourselves

– Enthusiasm means God within or God’s gifts within.   It is the fuel of happiness and bliss which is in each of us

– Recognizing your gifts is like coming home.  You are coming home to your authentic genuine self. The feeling is blissful natural and unmistakable.   You will know because it will flow

– A talent wasted is a sin

– Before we can salute the greatness in others we have to salute the greatness in ourselves, identifying our unique gifts

– You must be the change you wish to see in the world

– I commit to stop doing what I am good at and start doing what I am great at.

– If we can envision it we can achieve it

– All great accomplishments start with dreams

– Live your life always looking forward. Focus on contribution and not achievement and you will achieve more than your wildest dreams